Completion And Acceptance Of The First Fishery Photovoltaic Power Station In Peixian County, Jiangsu Province

- Dec 21, 2017-

Recently, its Chinese jiangsu peixian county electric power supply company of hong yue floating distributed photovoltaic power station station and line connected to the acceptance, the photovoltaic power station in line with the access conditions, it marks the peixian county first fishing light complementary photovoltaic power station through the completion inspection and acceptance.

Hong yue floating distributed photovoltaic power station located in peixian county of jiangsu province Yang Tun town, the total area of 608 mu, investment of 166.9 million yuan RMB, the current capacity of 20 mw, is expected to average annual output of about 24.08 million KWH.

The photovoltaic power station is mainly use the subsidence Yang Tun town of fishponds float on the surface building photovoltaic power station, using the latest generation of environmental buoy and fixed high shelf laid photovoltaic modules form construction, form "to power generation, fish farming" mode of new photovoltaic power generation, not only make full use of the subsidence land resources, also has the high ecological benefits and social benefits.The completion of the photovoltaic power station will play a positive role in the comprehensive development of the new energy industry in yangtun collapse area.