Backup UPS And Online UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Configuration Considerations

- Nov 12, 2019-

Backup UPS and online UPS uninterruptible power supply configuration considerations. At present, a wide variety of UPS uninterruptible power supply devices can be purchased on the market. The UPS design is different, and the range of UPS adaptation is also different. UPS power supply can be divided into two types according to its working mode: backup type and online type. Today, UPS power supply manufacturers will introduce the configuration points of backup UPS and online UPS uninterruptible power supply.

Backup UPS and online UPS uninterruptible power supply configuration considerations

1. The backup UPS power supply has a load ratio of 0.4-0.6 times. When the load is no-load or greater than 0.8, the third harmonic component of the UPS output is large, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the load such as the computer. In principle, the backup UPS should not be equipped with inductive loads (such as motors).

2, online UPS uninterruptible power supply with inductive load, the load rate can not exceed 0.5 (weak sensitivity), for strong inductive load can not exceed 0.35. For thyristor loads or half-wave rectification equipment, the UPS cannot be equipped in principle, but if it is mixed with other resistive loads and the total load factor is less than 0.5, it can be equipped. In addition, if the UPS front end is connected with thyristor load or half-wave rectification equipment, it is easy to cause the UPS input waveform distortion to increase greatly, causing large noise interference.

3, UPS without soft start function (delayed start), in principle, should not be loaded with open, shut down, especially under heavy load conditions, open, shut down, otherwise it will increase the possibility of failure.

4. In the harsh grid environment, the UPS is prone to cause zero-line serial interference. The backup UPS is easy to cause frequent switching between the mains and the inverter, which is easy to cause a malfunction. For the online UPS uninterruptible power supply, it is easy to cause phase lock and runaway phase lock failure.

5, the backup UPS can not be placed behind the inductive power supply, otherwise it will easily cause the switching time is too long, causing the computer to crash when the mains power failure, and the purification power supply at the front end of the online UPS uninterruptible power supply is greatly advantageous. In addition to the purification function, it can greatly buffer the impact of large current during UPS startup and reduce the failure rate.

6, medium and small UPS, due to price and other cost factors, there is generally no decision circuit to set the transition conditions in its phase lock. In the DC system, there is generally no backwash noise setting, which is easy to cause damage to the power pipe.

7. For the online UPS uninterruptible power supply, reduce the number of opening and closing, and add a clean power supply at the front end, which can greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine.

8, backup UPS due to cost, generally no output short circuit protection circuit, so the fuse can not be too large. 500VA is generally a type, and 1000VA is generally a 10A type.

Choice of UPS uninterruptible power supply configuration

According to the number and distribution of UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment, choose centralized configuration or distributed configuration.

The centralized configuration mode is that multiple power consuming devices share one UPS. The advantage is centralized maintenance and easy management. The disadvantage is that if the distance between the devices is long, the connecting cable must be laid, and the cost is high. Generally, the distance between the equipments is relatively close, the installation is centralized, and the same type of UPS system can be used uniformly, which is suitable for selection.

The decentralized configuration method is to equip different devices of the same system with different UPSs. The advantage is that the configuration has flexibility, low cost and relatively high reliability, and is a relatively popular configuration method at present, and the disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain and management is inconvenient. Generally suitable for each device should not choose the same type of UPS, the device is placed in a more dispersed system.

Summary: When we choose UPS uninterruptible power supply, we usually encounter how to configure the load device with long delay and UPS battery capacity to meet the need to continue power supply during long power outages. Proper selection of UPS backup battery capacity is very important for the overall operation of the UPS.