Europe Plans To Build A Second Car Battery Consortium

- Oct 23, 2019-

According to German media reports, following the announcement of the establishment of the first European consortium to develop and produce electric vehicle batteries in April this year, the second battery consortium in Europe is planning.

German Economy Minister Artemier said in an interview with the media that Germany has agreed in principle to form a consortium with eight other European countries to produce and recycle electric vehicle batteries. German companies such as BMW, BASF, BMZ and Varta will become members of this consortium.

At present, the European electric vehicle industry is developing rapidly, especially in the Nordic countries such as Norway and Germany, and the enthusiasm of the French automobile industry is relatively backward.

In this regard, French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Lemer has called for cooperation between France and Germany to jointly address global competition.

It is understood that the joint research activities of the European Battery Alliance will cover the entire value chain from raw materials, battery technology to battery recycling. The main goal is to accumulate a wider range of battery production technologies.

Last November, the German government announced that it would invest 1 billion euros in local battery production, while France also plans to invest 750 million euros.