Construction Of A 100-megawatt Wind Farm Station In East China's Anhui Province

- Nov 11, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on October 8, 2017, China will build anhui turbine a general contracting company Shanghai electric power tower east to 100 mw wind farm booster station project officially started, marked the beginning wind farm into the construction stage.

It is understood that this project is located in chizhou surrounding mountains, the east tower to the county town of 100 megawatts of installed scale, the proposed wind turbine installed capacity of 2100 kilowatts to 48, build a new 110 kv booster station, plan on December 31, 2017 the first fan connected to the grid, on June 30, 2018, all the fans connected to the grid.

So far as the company total installed capacity of the largest wind power project contracting, anhui turbine advance planning, a company attaches great importance to, adhering to the "create value lean, high-quality goods lead the future" of the enterprise purpose, determined the overall objective of "standard production to achieve high standards", starts early in engineering micro location, address investigation and preliminary design of wind farms, ensure the smooth implementation of the start node gain recognition by owner side.