Lithium Battery Electrolyte Method, The Electrolyte Share Continues To Increase

- Oct 11, 2019-

Lithium battery electrolyte usage method, the electrolyte share continues to increase. After years of development, domestic lithium battery electrolyte has become the most mature of the four major materials, and has been exported in large quantities, with a global share of more than 50%. So how do you use lithium battery electrolyte correctly? Let's go and explore it with Xiaobian.

Lithium battery electrolyte usage

1. Before use, the production personnel must notify the liquid injection process QC to check the water content of the electrolyte. After the test is qualified, it can be produced.

2. When replenishing the electrolyte from the electrolyte tank to the buffer tank, two people (A and B) cooperate with each other. A first opens the buffer tank valve 1, as shown in Figure 1, B then opens the SP quick valve 2, as shown in Figure 2, then Observe the liquid level of the electrolyte inside the transparent tube above the buffer tank. It is required to close the valve 2 and then close the valve 1 when the height of the electrolyte does not exceed the uppermost end of the plastic tube.

3. When the pressure in the electrolyte tank of the lithium battery is lower than 0.01Mpa or the electrolyte is not pressed, it is said that the nitrogen should be added to the electrolyte tank. The pressure of the nitrogen gas is not more than 0.2Mpa (the gas injection time is generally 7-10S) As shown in Figure 3, the left pressure gauge is displayed. When switching the SP quick connector after the electrolyte is used up, you must first clean the quick connector with DMC, then wash it with absolute alcohol, then dry it or dry it.

4. Before the shift is converted, all the valves in the buffer tank shall be closed and sealed and stored; when the electrolysis test in the buffer tank is unqualified, the electrolyte in the tank shall be drained, and the discharged electrolyte shall be contained in a special container. Base neutralization treatment.

5. After the lithium battery electrolyte is used up, the empty barrels are marked and recycled.

6, lithium battery electrolyte should be stored in a cool place, the temperature is less than 25 ° C, away from fire sources, heat sources.

Lithium battery electrolyte share continues to increase

The price/performance advantage is obvious, and the international share of China's electrolyte continues to increase. Unlike the positive electrode material, the electrolyte does not have a technical risk. In the field of power batteries, the electrolyte will still be a lithium hexafluorophosphate + solvent system. The manufacturing and R&D level of China Electrolyte Leading Company has been rapidly improved in recent years, and the product quality has rapidly approached the international advanced level.

With the advantage of cost performance, the global market share of lithium battery electrolyte in China has increased rapidly in recent years. The products of Jiangsu Guotai, Xinzhoubang and Tianjin Jinniu have entered the international market. Under the pressure of price cuts, the share of domestic electrolytes will continue to increase.

The global lithium battery electrolyte industry will shift to a region with cost advantages and consumption potential. China will become the world's major electrolyte manufacturing country, and the output is expected to account for more than 60%. With the completion of capacity transfer by foreign electrolyte companies, the number of electrolyte companies in China will increase, and the industry restructuring and integration will also intensify, which will help to enhance the competitiveness of advantageous enterprises and the entire industry.

The demand for lithium batteries is expected to grow explosively, and the domestic electrolyte will continue to increase in terms of cost performance.