Cylindrical Battery Market Share Rose To 35.27% In February

- Mar 26, 2020-

 Cylindrical Battery Market Share Rose to 35.27% in February

In 2019, the installed capacity of China's new energy vehicle power batteries is about 62.18GWh. From the perspective of the battery packaging structure, the square, soft pack, and cylinder are 52.55GWh, 5.50GWh, and 4.13GWh, respectively. The corresponding market share is 84.51%, 8.85% and 6.64%. How can a cylindrical battery be described as "miserable".

The time has come to 2020, and cylindrical batteries are likely to come back and even "rejuvenate". Judging from the installed capacity of power batteries in the first two months of this year, cylindrical batteries have achieved a "counter attack" in terms of data performance.

Data from the Power Battery Application Branch show that from January to February this year, China ’s new energy vehicle power battery installed capacity was about 2913.63MWh, of which cylindrical battery installed capacity reached 486.05MWh, with a market share of about 16.68%. If you look at the installed capacity of cylindrical batteries in February alone, its market share has risen to 35.27%, compared with 11.89% in January, and its market share has increased by 23%.

Cylinder "counterattack" thanks to Tesla

In fact, the recovery of the cylindrical battery is just an "illusion", all of which are closely related to Tesla. In 2019, the Model 3 of the Tesla (Shanghai) plant was put into production, and the battery selected for this model is a cylindrical battery. In fact, since the beginning of this year, the market share of cylindrical battery installed capacity has increased significantly. On the one hand, thanks to the continuous ramp-up of Tesla (Shanghai) plant capacity, the installation of cylindrical battery has increased; on the other hand, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, The production and sales of domestic independent electric vehicle brands have basically fallen into the freezing point, which has also affected the installed capacity of batteries such as square and soft bags.

Installation of cylindrical batteries from January to February 2020

From January to February this year, only Panasonic and LG Chem had installed cylindrical batteries at 346.47MWh, accounting for 71.28% of the installed capacity of cylindrical batteries in the first two months of this year. According to Battery, all of LG Chem's cylindrical batteries are supplied to Tesla Model 3. In addition to Panasonic's supply to Tesla, some products are also equipped with Toyota plug-in models, but mainly for Tesla (Shanghai) factory.

It can be seen that in the first two months of this year, the installed capacity of 13 other cylindrical batteries was only 139.58MWh. If Tesla is removed to drive Panasonic and LG Chem's contribution to the installed capacity of cylindrical batteries, the cylindrical battery data will still be poor, and the relatively weak position of relatively square and soft packages will remain unchanged.