Dematic Launched A Modular High-density Storage System

- Apr 19, 2018-

In order to optimize the supply chain, Dematic has recently introduced a new modular precast high-density storage solution.The solution is a turnkey, deployable system with all the traditional advantages of a custom automated tray stacker.

Dematic China plan management, senior director Yang Tianbiao said: "today's warehouse operation has been faced with space limitations and ready for the time is short, and high density storage is able to optimize the available space.Dematic's new turnkey solution is not only easy to design, install and debug, but also meets the highest standards of security, accuracy and reliability.

Dematic's modular high-density storage solution enables automated tray storage and management, which includes equipment, machines, and Dematic DiQ software.This software optimizes storage, minimizes the required manpower, and helps you manage inventory easily.