Israeli enterprise StoreDot developed new battery technology

- Sep 10, 2019-

StoreDot, a lithium-ion battery enterprise based in Herzliya, Israel, announced last Tuesday (June 12, local time) that it has successfully recharged an electric scooter in five minutes. This electric scooter comes from the Torto company in Spain.
It is worth mentioning that the above demonstration was jointly carried out by StoreDot and BP, a major global crude oil company, which is a strategic supporter of StoreDot. The two companies jointly announced that this is the first time that the charging time of electric two-wheelers has been shortened to a few minutes.
StoreDot CEO Dorn Millsdorf said in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday: "We used the Torto electric scooter to demonstrate our technical strength."
He also pointed out that this is the first time the company has shown that it takes only five minutes to fully charge a battery pack containing a large number of battery cells, and the number of internal battery cells reaches 168.
In addition to BP, StoreDot also attracted Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler Group and technology giant Samsung to invest in it. It is worth mentioning that StoreDot was pushed to the headlines because it boasted that the mobile phone battery charging time was only five minutes.
Dorn Millsdorf told reporters: "We are developing a new generation of lithium batteries. More specifically, this battery will no longer use graphite materials."
He explained that the reason for the abandonment of graphite was that the graphite material did not work effectively during the rapid charging process.
StoreDot will replace tin, bismuth and a mixture of silicon and other organic compounds in the production of next-generation batteries. The company said the above adjustments will provide a better solution for lithium batteries than the battery units used in most consumer electronics products today.