Development Of Lithium Battery Tape Industry, Temperature Resistance Requirements Of Lithium Battery Tape

- Nov 11, 2019-

The development of the lithium battery tape industry, the temperature resistance requirements of lithium battery tape. Lithium battery tape and lithium protective film tape are processed by various substrates with various glues, primers and release agents to produce different characteristics to meet various needs.

Rapid development of the lithium battery tape industry

With the rapid development of society, the demand for mobile phones, computers, cameras, and other electronic products is increasing; the corresponding demand for lithium batteries is increasing; and the emergence of each product requires corresponding materials. Processing. Naturally, lithium battery tape came into being.

There are more and more people using and knowing lithium battery tape. Therefore, lithium battery tape is also used more and more widely, so we can see the innovation of lithium battery tape industry. We all know that battery tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and insulation. It has good insulation, pressure resistance, flame retardancy, weather resistance, etc. It is suitable for wire connection and electrical insulation protection. Lithium battery tape is one of the must-have tools for electricians.

The major companies in the high-temperature tape industry will usher in a period of rapid development in the next 3-5 years, taking a comprehensive view. Under the background of rapid development of new energy, environmental protection and energy conservation, and the improvement of industry norms, enterprises will attach great importance to the improvement of core competitiveness such as independent innovation capability, product technology level and clean production.

Lithium batteries use more than just a kind of tape. It is divided into a variety of substrates, different adhesive tapes produced by various glues; common substrates are pp, pet, pi, nomex paper, etc.; the glue used is also generally fireproof. Glue, pressure sensitive glue, rubber glue, etc.; and each material combination has its different performance and advantages.

Lithium battery tape temperature resistance requirements

The maximum operating temperature of the lithium battery tape does not exceed 110 °C. Once the temperature exceeds 110 ° C for a long time, the micropores of the lithium battery separator will be closed, causing electron transfer obstacles. In order to improve the high temperature resistance of high-strength adhesives, a chemical cross-linking method is generally used to make the polymer have a porous structure, and the heat resistance thereof is comprehensively improved.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the high temperature requirement of the lithium battery strip does not need to exceed 110 ° C, but in order to prevent unforeseen circumstances, improving the performance of the lithium battery strip actually needs to exceed the specified characteristics. Lithium battery tape is based on polyimide film, coated with high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, and has one-sided fluoroplastic release material composite or non-composite. After high-tech surface grafting treatment, the high-performance adhesive tape is widely used, especially in the heat sealing field of soft-package lithium batteries.

In general, the temperature resistance of the tape in question refers to high temperature resistance unless it is specified to be resistant to low temperatures. The factors affecting the temperature resistance of lithium battery tape mainly include two aspects: one is the temperature resistance of the adhesive, and the other is the temperature resistance of the substrate.

The high temperature tape has good thermal stability and can work at 200 ° C for a long time and can withstand 260 ° C for a short time. Soft and tear resistant, strong adhesive force, not easy to deform, suitable for surface protection of various profiles. No glue residue, no glue left when tearing open the tape after curing for a long time. High mechanical strength, suitable for coil wrapping tight and firm.

The above is an introduction to the high temperature performance of lithium battery tape and the development of lithium battery tape industry. I hope it will be useful to you.