French Start-up Research And Development Of New Batteries Will Be 3 Times Faster Than Fueling, Continuous 1 Million Cycles

- Sep 27, 2019-

French start-up research and development of new batteries will be 3 times faster than fueling, continuous 1 million cycles
Lithium batteries have become the mainstream technology in current pure electric vehicles, but the battery life range and charging speed are often criticized. Recently, a French startup company said that the new battery under development is three times faster than refueling and can be used continuously for 1 million cycles, which will break the difficult situation of charging and slow charging in the electric vehicle industry.

According to relevant personnel, this new type of battery has the characteristics of fast charging speed, long life and green environmental protection. Unlike traditional lithium batteries, the new battery incorporates carbon nano-supercapacitors, making the charging speed 1000 times faster. The vehicle is fully charged in just a few seconds, faster than the refueling speed.

This carbon nano supercapacitor uses a sustainable carbon material, which does not use rare earth metals such as lithium and cobalt, and is also more environmentally friendly.