Tesla Applies For Battery Pack Design Patent Cooling System Uses Metal Plate To Dissipate Heat

- Nov 19, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, electric car manufacturer Tesla has applied for a new patent for its battery pack design, that is, the cooling system uses metal plates to dissipate heat. This may be the technology used in Tesla's current fixed energy storage products.

When most traditional car manufacturers started making all-electric cars, they all used bag-type batteries, and Tesla took the lead in making batteries with thousands of small cylindrical batteries. Tesla has developed a unique battery module and stacked battery modules into safe, energy-intensive components.

However, the heat generated by these batteries needs to dissipate quickly, and Tesla is constantly improving its related technology. Recently, Tesla applied for a new “energy storage system” patent with a plate cooling system.

Tesla described the system in its patent application:

Such an energy storage system includes a module housing that contains a plurality of battery cells therein. Each battery cell has a first end and a second end. Further, each battery has a positive terminal and a negative terminal. The first interconnect is over a plurality of cells and the second interconnect is over a plurality of cells. A plurality of first battery connectors connect the positive terminal of the battery to the first interconnect. Similarly, a plurality of second battery connectors connect the negative terminal of the battery to the second interconnect.

A top plate having an inner side and an outer side is located above the first interconnect and the second interconnect. The top plate includes one or more weak areas above the one or more battery cells. Weak areas are areas of poor integrity, so if the battery unit releases gas, mechanical failure is more likely to occur. These areas may be physically weaker areas than the surrounding area, and these areas may rupture when pressure builds up due to failed cells. Alternatively, when exposed to corrosive gases released by the failed cell, the weakened area may be chemically weak and first rupture. These weak areas may also be affected first due to physical and chemical weakening.发送反馈历史记录