Domestic And Foreign AGV Research Status And Development Trend

- Jan 05, 2018-

AGV is intelligent, not tired, not dangerous, not depressed, precise and accurate, not only can save the enterprise human cost greatly;It can also enable employees to get out of dangerous positions and engage in more humanized work, which has a significant effect on improving production efficiency, lowering the quality of production and improving the production management level of enterprises.At present, logistics warehousing, dangerous sites and special industry, tobacco, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making industry, food industry, and the post office, library, ports, airports and other industries are gradually promote the use of AGV automatic DaoYinChe system, AGV is very wide development prospects.

AGV is one of the key technologies of automatic guided vehicle (AGV).Induction of electromagnetic induction has been widely used;Laser guidance is the mainstream technology currently adopted.Visual guide is the research hotspot.Inertial guidance, ultrasonic guidance and magnetic nailing are being watched.Single guidance technology cannot solve the cost, reliability, flexibility and positioning precision of the contradiction between the performance index, low cost and high reliability of sensors, combined guidance and information fusion technology needs further research.Along with the flexible processing system, flexible assembly system, computer integrated manufacturing system, automatic stereo warehouse generation and development.At present, the application of AGV in China is just beginning, which is equivalent to the level of foreign countries in the early 1980s.But from the industry analysis of the application, the distribution is very wide, there are automobile industry, aircraft manufacturing, household appliances industry and so on.This shows that AGV has a potential broad market.Will be in the future, the performance of the AGV system intelligent, informatization, flexible, agile, energy saving and green function aspects, such as improved further, to play a more important role on the industrial modernization.