Don’t Ask Me What Kind Of Girl I Love, I Only Love You

- Sep 26, 2016-

Those are all very very good, but I don't like .

what kind of questions girls like to ask the boy ,in love ?More likely is "do you like me?""What do you like me?", what about job search, if you want to consider that whether a job is worth doing or not , where your focus will be ?What kind of work can attract you?

As a youth had just stepped out of the campus to the society, whether you also have such inner noise - don't know how to choose a city, Do you like a place which is bustling and often undergo traffic jam , or a remote and quiet city just like your hometown where you can breathe fresh air and deal with those friendly; Don't know how to choose industry, by leaps and bounds in the Internet + or financial shapely still ; Don't know what kind of enterprise will be satisfied with you ,going into the mature and stable big companies, or growth companies developing ….... The world is not quiet until I met you :Dongguan power long battery technology CO.,LTD.

Although outside is busy, but you keep inner peace walking in the deep courtyard slowly. You believe that bouquet afraid of deep alley. Qingxi is one of the most beautiful places, which is more colorful and elegant because of you .You are always free from arrogance and impetuoisty . Lithium ion battery is the impression you left on all of us ;Energy-saving, environmental protection, pollution-free is your promise. Thus Electric buses, solar street lamp, golf charter refresh the skin ,and so on .So the road has the beautiful image of you, and where there is the lawn, there is your smile .

Although you come into being two years ago, you specialized in designing ,manufacturing and wholesaling battery with 15  years experience in the industry. And you desire to challenge everything with your feelings of all rivers run into sea. I like you for your quiet, because you live in Qingxi. I like you, when you are absorbed in something unique. For you only do cylindrical 26650;I like you for the generosity of you, because you are talented personnel, regardless of regional and welcome everyone from all over the world; I like you, for your exceedingly fascinating and charming , because you ever changing can be customized; I like you, lifetime, to does not abandon you, because you supply our customers with a “one stop shop” solution.