Dubai Has 1, 032 Pv Systems For Residential And Commercial Buildings On A Net Basis

- Jun 07, 2018-

Recently, the dubai hydropower authority (DEWA) revealed that dubai now has 1032 pv systems for residential and commercial buildings with a net capacity of about 43.7 megawatts.There are clear signs that the number of homeowners and companies in the country interested in residential and commercial pv solutions is growing exponentially.


DEWA is understood to have been invited residents to participate in the shams dubai - dubai scheme, and the recently launched shams calculator - dubai, it is a to help those who want to install solar panels customers evaluate the potential of online tools of the roof.According to the scheme of shams - dubai, the owner of the residential and commercial pv systems can at the same price sell surplus electricity to the grid, at the end of every month, only the net will be included in the bill to clients.

As of may, DEWA had certified more than 446 solar companies, 96 of them in the shams-dubai programme: 85 contractors and 11 consultancies.DEWA said in a statement that 800 residential and commercial pv systems are now available for the shams-dubai project, including panels, inverters and interface protection.