Dutch Shipbuilders Cooperate To Develop Motion Compensation Feeder Ships To Serve The Wind Power Market

- Jun 27, 2018-

GustoMSC and Barge Master, a Dutch firm, have jointly developed a feeder boat scheme for sports compensation to serve America's nascent offshore wind market.

It is understood that the plan will be the first Baltic installation of wind power projects provide flexible and cost effective alternative scheme, the combination of the two Dutch companies advanced technology, use office service in the United States both the American market.

This integration scheme by GustoMSC and Barge Master will meet the requirements of the Jones act to overcome operational restrictions on us ports.The bm-t700, a sports compensation platform, will be installed on a u.s.-flagged ship or on an ocean-going barge to meet the need for wind turbines to be quickly and safely delivered to offshore installations.

Barge Master company BM - T700 platform, first introduced in 2013, has been used in a variety of different projects, through the dynamic compensation of ship movement, the platform can provide a stable heavy crane base, can be in 2.5 meters of the sea environment to achieve maximum lifting 700 tons, certified by the heavy lift application of British Lloyd's register.

GustoMSC will be responsible for engineering and integration, integrating the bm-t700 platform into a new or existing DPII feeder barge.This combination is expected to be a good service to the first wave of us windmills.