Electric Car Batteries Not Durable? Maybe Something Is Wrong With These Parts.

- Jul 31, 2019-

From the invention of lead-acid batteries to now have nearly 160 years, with the continuous improvement of technology, we now use lead-acid battery technology already quite mature, restricted by the chemical properties of lead-acid batteries, battery energy density can improve space has not, in theory, has reached the limit, and why the lead-acid battery is not durable than in the past now? It's not the battery, it's affected by these components!


The impact of the charger on the battery is the first, the charger not fit or inferior for the accumulator, it is easy to bad battery charge, the main reason is that current is too large or current is not stable, the lack of current protection, not smart power outages, lead to violent chemical reaction in lead-acid battery, produce a lot of heat, causes the battery bulge, even scrapped, inferior charger is easy to catch fire, endanger people's life safety. Buy charger must not covet cheap, you may lose more!


Wire as well as electric cars capillaries, the electricity conductivity to each electric car body, resistance of high and low directly affect the cell size, energy consumption and resistance coefficient, we all know that the greater the resistance, the higher calorific value, by the same token, if the body line resistance is very big, the wastage of the battery itself, would also reduce the service life. The stand or fall that must see clear electric car wiring condition and electric wire when buying electric car commonly, low-price electric car USES commonly is inferior copper line, cost report to still hurt battery not only!


Controller, the controller is the brains of the electric vehicle, is also the current distribution center, the controller is bad or turbulence, current will be unstable, the controller of high power output can lead to cell damage, large current discharge or controller will steal discharge, causes the battery electric, this also is the important factor lead to loss of battery.


Tires, tire surface seems to be little relationship with the battery, actually otherwise, tires as the only contact with the ground carrier, bearing the weight of the whole vehicle, nature is the hardest part, the friction of the tire directly affect the electric power consumption, similar to the car fuel consumption, the electric car tire friction force is too large, similar to the snow tires, off-road tires, the car battery is often in a state of high power, faster than your normal tire wear and tear!


On-board electrical appliances, in addition to the motor, controller, charger, instrument conventional electrical appliances such as lamps and lanterns, electric cars are now equipped with many high-end configuration, such as seat heating, heating in hand, the LED lighting lamps for long distances, Hi-Fi, there is even a vehicle traveling data recorder and so on many high configuration, actually these appliances are very demanding, especially highlighted lighting lamps, LED around 45 w - 60 w commonly, particularly demanding, if these functions are open, the damage to the battery is also very big, you will find that the battery will be more and more durable!


We want to electric car run far, the battery is used for a long time, these parts must often check, do not change a group of new batteries or the same old, these problems to avoid later, but also pay attention to the maintenance of the battery.