Electric Car Batteries Or Made In India?

- Dec 13, 2019-

It is reported that in the past two years, the Indian government has made great efforts for the development of new energy. Recently, the government has formulated a policy that will focus on Indian-made electric vehicle batteries in addition to energy efficiency, the creation of new energy demand and new incentives.

According to the micro-lithium battery team, in terms of electric vehicle battery manufacturing, China's production accounts for more than half, but with the escalation of the Sino-U.S. Trade war, the lithium-ion battery made in China has been levied a 15% tax by the US The vast majority of batteries are lithium-ion batteries. This has accelerated the transfer of battery factories to a certain extent, and is also conducive to "Made in India".

Almost all lithium-ion batteries in India are currently imported. Most of the country's work on lithium-ion batteries is still focused on research and development, with a focus on the central government. At the same time, in the private sector, companies use lithium-ion batteries imported from China to make battery modules.

Gupta, a secretary of the Indian government think tank NITIAayog, announced that New Delhi is currently finalizing a new national energy policy. Gupta said at a recent energy storage conference: "The new energy policy will address issues such as availability and affordability, energy security ... and the overall demand for energy." "The focus will be on Indian-made electric Automotive batteries, as well as policies that create demand and stimulate investment. "

Earlier this year, India had approved a three-year subsidy plan of about $ 1.4 billion for electric and hybrid vehicles, but the plan targeted new energy vehicles rather than batteries or energy storage. Now, some hope that India will introduce a new policy to encourage domestic battery makers in the short term. "We estimate that if appropriate policies and solutions are put in place to improve energy efficiency, total energy demand can be reduced by 20%," Gupta said. At the same time, India's Panasonic also stressed the need for a battery manufacturing ecosystem.

With India's emphasis on renewable energy and electricity mobility, energy storage solutions will play a key role in the industry. Given the increasing demand and competitiveness of renewable energy power generation solutions, power storage will play a key role in the next stage of the energy transition, so it is important to establish an ecosystem that promotes battery manufacturing.