What Are The Maintenance Methods For Electric Vehicle Batteries?

- Nov 25, 2019-

The service life of the battery is not only related to the quality of the production plant and the system configuration of the electric vehicle, but also has a great relationship with the use and maintenance of the consumer. Therefore, to use the electric bicycle, one must carefully select the brand, understand its quality status and service commitment, in order to obtain good quality electric bicycle products. The second is to understand the basic knowledge of the use and maintenance of some batteries.

1. Keep the battery's power state. Every day, riding an electric bicycle, no matter 10-50Km, should be recharged, so that the battery is in a state of fullness for a long time, and it will be charged on the same day, and it will be recharged after being idle for a few days. Vulcanization, capacity reduction.

2. Perform regular deep discharge; it is recommended that you use a deep discharge after two months, that is, long-distance riding until the under-pressure indicator flashes, the battery runs out, and then the battery is recharged to restore the battery capacity. It also gives you an idea of the current capacity level of the battery. Whether it needs to be maintained.

3. Prohibition of loss of electricity storage: The loss of storage of the battery will seriously affect the service life. If the idle time is longer, the battery damage will be more serious.

4. Regular inspection: If you buy a new car with a continuous behavior of 50Km, there will be a serious reduction in the continuation within three months, such as a dozen kilometers. At this time, you can check the voltage value of the external terminal of the battery with a universal meter. Generally, the full charge should be 39- 42 volts, if it is a few volts, or open a battery box, one of the battery voltage is lower than 10.5 volts, it may be a short circuit inside the single cell, then you should find a repair station to repair and replace, so as not to damage the other two good batteries. Also check the charger for malfunctions.

5. The design weight of the electric bicycle is 75Kg, so avoid overweight objects. Use the ankle to help when starting and going uphill. Because the motor current increases at this time, the battery is discharged too fast and the voltage drops rapidly. The smaller the depth of discharge of the battery each time, the longer the life of the capacitor. Therefore, reducing the large current discharge can extend the battery life and increase the mileage. In addition, regardless of the battery capacity of the battery, the user should develop a good habit of using it with the charge.发送反馈历史记录