Japan Intends To Require Electric Vehicles To Show The Battery Attenuation

- Sep 06, 2019-

According to foreign media reports recentlythe Ministry of Japan economic and industry plans to require auto manufacturers to display the life of battery which is built in the electric vehicleso that drivers can understand the attenuation of re-use of aging lithium ion batteriesand strive to

establish an appropriate capacity evaluation mechanismand promoting the reuse of batteries while cultivating the second-hand electric vehicle market.

That plan will be announced as early as Septemberand be implemented formally during this year. All auto company will respond positivelyand will display the remaining capacity of battery compared to it of a new car.

Take the Nissan pure electric vehicleleaffor an exampleit will show the fully charged capacity by 12-level scale to compare with the battery of new car. On the other hand, there are some pure vehicles do not show the attenuation of electric vehicle as “leaf”. The minister of Japan economic

and industry required all the auto companies should show the attenuation of car battery or compare the endurance mileage after charging once to it of a new car.