Endesa Will Invest In Spain's 84.9MW Photovoltaic Project

- Jul 09, 2018-

Endesa, a subsidiary of Italian utility Enel, has announced plans to invest $68.8 million to build an 84.9MW photovoltaic project developed by Totana in murcia, Spain.

It is understood that this photovoltaic device is part of the 339MW solar energy obtained by Endesa in the third renewable auction held by the Spanish government in July 2017.

The solar installation, which will consist of 248,000 photovoltaic modules, will be presented to the mayor of Totana and other municipal members of the city at a working meeting organized by Endesa.Endesa, through its subsidiary Enel GreenPowerEspaa, will encourage the hiring of local workers during factory development and subcontracting services from companies in the area.

Construction of the project will begin in the summer of 2018 with on-site installation of a photovoltaic system to replace diesel generators.When the project is completed, the photovoltaic panels will provide electricity to local communities.