Energy Storage For New Energy Industries Is Key

- Oct 18, 2017-

China's energy storage network: new energy alternatives to fossil fuels are the inevitable trend. Energy storage is an important factor to realize the high proportion of new energy sources. Therefore, the development of new energy industries should be taken as the main direction.

The remaining proved recoverable reserves of coal, oil and natural gas are 891.5 billion tons, 238.2 billion tons and 186 trillion cubic meters respectively.

According to the current world average mining intensity, global coal, oil and natural gas can be mined for 113, 53 and 55 years respectively.

The annual theoretical development of clean energy resources such as global water energy, wind energy and solar energy is over 150,000 trillion kilowatts.

The equivalent of 45 trillion tons of standard coal is about 38 times the world's remaining proven reserves of fossil energy.

Mining use facing a grim situation, at present, the global energy relying mainly on coal, oil and energy structure cause acid rain, ozone depletion, greenhouse gas emissions, fog and so on a series of environmental problems, new energy to replace fossil energy is the inevitable trend.

The first two energy revolutions, the price of alternative energy is rising.

But with power battery arrangement in use and promotion of recycle technology, energy storage is lower and lower costs, "Internet + energy" is accelerating push the steps of substitution, and the marginal cost of wind energy, light energy production close to zero.

More importantly, in recent years, the state's support for the environmental protection industry has been increasing constantly, and the continuous introduction of strong policies has also led to an influx of large-scale investment.

As technology advances, the use of new energy sources around 2020 will be lower than the prices of conventional fossil fuels.

Our country proposes that by 2030 the proportion of non-fossil energy generating capacity will reach 50 percent, and the new energy will be mainly non-fossil energy.

Related departments should further intensify the development of energy such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, but because of the energy storage technology to improve, some due to unable to reasonable and efficient use of electricity produced by resources waste.

Therefore, relevant departments should increase the development of energy storage technology, so that more new energy can be stored in a timely and efficient way, and can be used to solve the trans-temporal transport adjustment.

Energy industry to increase the application of new technologies, and vigorously promote the construction of "Internet + energy", through the use of the Internet technology to realize the production, storage, transmission and consumption link free market allocation, so as to realize industrial instrumentation, intelligent, marketization.

Through the cloud platform, distributed energy acquisition device, distributed energy storage device and various types of load constitute the new power network, oil network, natural gas network and other energy comprehensive use.

New energy enterprises should target their own characteristics, find out the pain points and difficulties of the enterprises, combine the users, and make the products and technologies to be specialized.

User demands are higher and higher, the standard is more and more strict, and the technical products should be iteratively iterated to meet the demand of the market.

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