Why Is The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Still In The Growth Stage?

- Dec 07, 2019-

In the car of the Boao Forum for Asia Sub-forum 2050 held on March 28, the guests discussed how to develop the car in the future.

The development of new energy vehicles is in the growth stage

At present, new energy vehicles represented by electric vehicles are developing rapidly. Wen Yuan Zhixing WeRide CEO and co-founder Han Xu believes that the development of electric vehicles has an accelerated process and is optimistic about its development: clean and efficient new energy is good for the entire planet and humanity.

He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xiaopeng Automobile, said that electric vehicles have not yet achieved the best in terms of cost, quality, and charging. He believes that electric vehicles will enter the fast track of development in 2021, at which time the mileage will be longer and the cost will decrease even more. At present, the development of electric vehicles is still in its growth stage.

Yin Chengliang, deputy dean of the Automotive Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University and deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Automotive Electronic Control Technology, said that new energy vehicles, mainly electric vehicles, have continued to grow at a high speed, but the total amount is still very small. The inflection point will rise quickly.

Yin Chengliang believes that in the future, the logic of breaking the auto industry's self-closed vehicle as the king will be interconnected and intelligent. Car electrification is a good carrier, so it will develop rapidly.

Will traditional cars die?

Will traditional cars be eliminated in the future? The answer given by Yin Chengliang is: NO!

He said that although the development of electric vehicles is on the rise and the technological development of traditional car companies is reaching its peak, it does not mean that traditional cars will completely die out. The two coexist.

Is the car a toy or a terminal

Jing Zhu said that at present, people who are willing to buy electric cars or self-driving cars consider them as toys and are not price sensitive; one is to save electricity and money. Autonomous vehicles need to combine cloud control, high-precision maps, and receiving and computing platforms. When it reaches a certain stage, it is no longer a car, but a tool for people's lives. He likened mobile phones and cars to two other people's internal organs.

The moderator of the sub-forum, Wu Bofan, ridiculed the car as a four-wheeled mobile phone. The mobile phone is a terminal that puts in a pocket, and the car is a terminal that puts people inside. It will become more intelligent and networked.