EsVoTA Will Build The 75MW Battery Storage System Project

- Jul 26, 2018-

EsVoTA will build a 75MW battery storage system called Hummingbird in Santa Clara county, California.


The lithium-ion battery storage project, which is awaiting approval from the California public utilities commission, is scheduled to begin operating in December 2020.

PG&E said the Hummingbird battery storage system was deployed to improve the reliability of local power grids and to promote integration of more renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

"EsVolta is pleased to install and deploy the Hummingbird energy storage project for PG&E," said Randolph Mann, President of EsVolta.PG&E is a leading north American energy company and a key customer of EsVolta. The completion of this project will be an important milestone in the development of our company's business, as our goal is to build a large-scale advanced energy storage project on a public utility scale.