Poland's Export Sales Of Lithium Battery Reached To 161 Million Euros In April

- Aug 27, 2019-

Recently, Poland's central bank statistics expert Wojciech Mroczek published an article saying that Poland may become the leader of the EU lithium battery exports. In April this year, the export volume of lithium batteries in Poland exceeded that of Germany, reaching 161 million euros (about 1.26 billion yuan), and the export growth rate was also higher than that of Germany.

Earlier, the Minister of Economic Affairs of the two countries discussed the possibility of joint battery technology cooperation between the two countries. It also plans to establish a “European Battery Alliance” as a platform to attract relevant enterprises.

However, there are several companies producing lithium batteries in Poland, but only the Korean battery company LG Chem produces high-performance lithium batteries for electric vehicles.

As early as 2015, LG Group invested about US$1.63 billion to build a battery factory in Wroclaw, Poland. According to the planned capacity at that time, the plant could provide 50,000 long battery packs for 50,000 electric vehicles. So far, after several expansions of production capacity, the target annual production has been increased to 70 GWh, and it is expected that battery parts will be supplied to 300,000 electric vehicles per year.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of this year, Mercedes-Benz also disclosed plans to build an electric vehicle battery factory in Poland.