Face The Competition Increasingly Fierce AGV Wisdom Logistics To Help You

- Oct 27, 2017-

Logistics cost is too high to a certain extent, restricts the development of manufacturing industry in our country, so the enterprise in the production and logistics link is seeking change and innovation, constantly want to enterprises by lowering the logistics cost to reduce the circulation costs, and burden for the enterprise.

And wisdom logistics will be the right product, in the right cost, at the right time, right place of service, greatly reduce the cost of various industries such as manufacturing and logistics industry, thus get fast development.

The development of intelligent logistics enables intelligent and information technology to be widely used in production and logistics, and all aspects of enterprises will become more and more intelligent and efficient.

Mick force the AGV car system while the warehousing and logistics become an organic whole, save transit between traditional warehousing and logistics, greatly improve the accuracy of storage and transportation, intelligent transportation and handling.

By integrating intelligent AGV car, AGV intelligent scheduling system, achieve production line between intelligent, efficient, accurate and safe ingredients and empty recycle, gradually achieve factory logistics to intelligent upgrade, meet the demand of enterprise flexible production.

In automobile manufacturing assembly workshop, for example, often need a lot of long distance conveying, AGV instead of forklift truck and trailer handling material advantage is obvious, mainly reflected in the same engine, rear axle, transmission, chassis and other parts of the flexible assembly automation, as well as parts of online call material, etc.

Through the introduction of intelligent warehousing to improve warehousing efficiency and order processing capacity.

The AGV robot warehouse implements the "goods to people" picking assignment, which greatly improves the efficiency of the warehouse operation, which can reach the manual 3-4 times and reduce the labor cost and the error rate of the operation.

The AGV robot realizes automatic selection by moving the shelves and optimizes the overall layout of the shelves according to the order of the goods.

In the face of increasingly fierce competition situation, enterprises need to improve their competitiveness as a whole, from the aspects of materials, production, finished product transport for upgrading comprehensive reform, building intelligent, flexible, a kind of storage, sorting, logistics transportation.

Well-known supplier of AGV Mick force beauty that can begin from the following two aspects: one is based on the existing mature ERP system and MES system, AGV intelligent scheduling system through its seamless docking, realize information barrier-free interaction, and analyze the return information processing, so as to realize the control layer WMS and breakthrough of WCS system;

Second, the project takes warehousing, sorting and distribution as the main direction, and USES AGV to form intelligent and flexible intelligent logistics system, which eventually forms the integration from management to control layer to executive level.