What Are The Factors Affecting Battery Life?

- Dec 05, 2019-

Recently, some friends reported that the battery life of electric vehicles has suddenly become shorter in the last few days. Originally, commuting to and from work every day, there was still a little electricity left on a single charge in 3 days, but now it is not good for 2 days. What is the reason for this?

In fact, there are many factors affecting the endurance of electric vehicles. In addition to batteries, problems such as chargers, motors, and controllers will also affect the endurance of electric vehicles. As a user, if the battery life of the electric vehicle suddenly becomes shorter, you can test the battery first. If the battery is normal, there is a problem with other accessories or operations. Now, let's analyze it carefully.

1.Charger problem

Charger problems mainly include two cases of mixed chargers and unqualified chargers. At present, many people have more than two electric vehicles. For convenience, they like to share a charger. The impact on electric vehicles is overcharging or dissatisfaction, which ultimately leads to reduced battery life and battery life. In addition, unqualified chargers are mainly users who want online shopping to buy some low-cost chargers, and this often results in low or high charging voltage. Long-term use will greatly reduce battery life and battery life. Therefore, it is recommended that users use special chargers for special cars, and more so choose original chargers.

Controller issues

The electric vehicle controller is a core control device used to control the starting, running, advancing and retreating, speed, stopping and other electronic components of the electric vehicle. Once the controller has a problem, it will affect the speed of the motor, which will affect the battery life of the electric vehicle.

3. Motor problems

In daily life of electric vehicle motors, due to improper operation by users, there may be water ingress and moisture, which will cause the motor to age, the motor magnetic steel will rust, and eventually cause insufficient power, which will increase the loss of battery and make battery life And battery life drops.

4.Excessive load

Because electric vehicles have greatly improved their power over the past, many people not only consider electric vehicles as a travel tool, but even use them as rally vehicles to carry goods, which causes excessive discharge current. To a certain extent, it will strain the battery and affect battery performance.