Falling Installation Costs Have Spurred A Booming Rooftop Solar Market In India

- Dec 11, 2017-

The us "quartz" network reported on December 7 that India's rooftop solar "revolution" is gaining momentum.In fiscal year 2017, India has added more rooftop solar energy than the previous four years combined, which has become the fastest-growing part of India's clean energy sector.

Bloomberg new energy finance (BNEF), according to a report in fiscal 2017, India has added about 715 megawatts of solar energy, is much higher than last year, 227 megawatts of Numbers, which makes the national total installed capacity of 1.3 gw.

The report says the surge in solar capacity in India is largely due to the fact that in India's main state, rooftop solar power is cheaper than commercial and industrial electricity.Moreover, solar costs have halved in the past five years.Overall, the price of a rooftop solar system in India is 39 to 50 per cent cheaper than the global average because of the competitive solar market and the low cost of solar panels.

Continued to track the renewable energy industry dynamic rating "CARE" company one analyst said: "if a shopping center from the grid to eight or nine rupees per unit of electricity purchasing price, with the mode of rooftop solar shopping center can save half of the money, so the scheme is feasible."

The government's incentives and policies to increase rooftop solar installations also contributed to last year's growth, he added.