Faraday Future Intends To Develop The Highest Density Of Automotive Lithium Batteries

- Nov 07, 2016-

Car manufacturers how to prove that they are seriously developing electric vehicles? It is a good idea to work with battery suppliers to develop and produce battery products. Recently ,regarded as Tesla rival, Faraday Future announced that they have reached a cooperation agreement with South Korea’s LG Chem.

It is reported that Faraday Future and LG Chem joint development of the battery products will be applied to the electric vehicles. Previously, LG Chem has been provided lithium-ion battery for Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles.

The two companies at the press conference, said that they will jointly cerate "the world's most energy-intensive car lithium battery ". Before they reach a cooperation, the highest energy desity of lithium batteries by Tesla and Panasonic to build, the only one battery manufactures is able to produce 60wWh and above capacity.

So far, we do not get much information about the Faraday Future is being developed electric vehicles, but at the beginning of last year’s CES 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, the company displayed a concept called FFZER01 electric car. In addition, they developed the first electric car is likely to become Tesla Model X competitor.