What Is A Smart Secondary Battery? Why Is A Lithium Battery Particularly Suitable For Cameras?

- Nov 23, 2019-

What is a smart secondary battery?

A smart battery is equipped with a chip that not only supplies power to the device, but also controls its main functions. This type of battery can display the residual capacity, the number of cycles, the temperature, etc., but there is no smart battery available on the market yet. Will occupy the main position of the market back and forth - especially in camcorders, cordless phones, mobile phones, and notebook computers

What is a micro battery or a button battery?

Microcell button cells are those that are equal or larger in diameter and height. The current size range of alkaline button batteries is 4.8mm-11.4mm in diameter and 10.5mm-5.4mm in height. The voltage depends on different electrochemical conditions: 1.2V, 1.35V, 1.4V, 1.5V, 1.55V. They are called button battery coin batteries because of their similar appearance, and they are also a family of button batteries.

Why are lithium batteries especially suitable for cameras?

Lithium battery can provide high energy (about 800mWh/cm3). Lithium battery has strong charge retention and load capacity. Lithium battery has a long working time and a high working voltage of 3V. It is very useful for camera applications. important. The latest generation of cameras equipped with a variety of automatic functions means that both energy and high load requirements are increasing, so lithium batteries are the best choice for modern cameras.