Green Energy Leads The Future And Defines A New Life For Drying

- Sep 29, 2019-

Shenzhen Oulante Intelligent Control System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Orland”) recently launched the “Conditioner for Power Generation”, which is the first manufacturer in the washing machine industry to use solar power technology. The emergence of solar-powered clothes washing machines has solved the problem that the industry has been unable to overcome for a long time - the machine cannot operate normally after power failure.

Energy excavation for the benefit of mankind

For the first time, it uses solar panels to receive sunlight, converts the sun's light energy into electrical energy and transports it to the washing machine. The washing machine has built-in controller and battery. The battery has long life, high efficiency, replaceability and no maintenance. lithium battery. Lithium batteries can be used by machines for up to 10 days at full power, while light-filled solar panels require only about 8 hours of illumination.

Innovative technology leads the future

In addition to the breakthrough use of solar power technology, this product is also the industry's first DC power supply technology (currently the industry is AC power supply technology), compared with AC power supply technology, this technology has more energy saving, constant voltage, high lifting power, ultra-low noise, etc. This also makes the clothes dryer last longer than conventional products.

The Oulante solar washing machine, which is an invention and creation of the subversive industry, is another monument in the history of the industry. It will also become the focus of attention at the Guangzhou Construction Expo on July 8.

Responsive policy at the forefront / advancing with the times

At present, the green and sustainable development path has become a common choice of all walks of life. The climate and environmental problems brought about by the traditional energy system that has promoted the development of human society have aroused the attention of the international community. As a growing energy producer and consumer country, China's energy transformation is of great significance to the prosperity of the world economy and the protection of the ecological environment. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stated that it is necessary to establish and practice the concept of green water and green hills as Jinshan Yinshan, adhere to the basic national policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, implement the most stringent ecological environmental protection system, and form a green development mode and lifestyle. The report also called for “promoting the energy production and consumption revolution and building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system”. To achieve these goals, we must unswervingly accelerate the development of renewable energy industries represented by wind and solar energy.