France's Economy Minister Has Called On Europe To Develop A Power Battery Industry

- Aug 05, 2019-

French economy and finance minister Bruno le maire has called on European companies to develop a battery industry to reverse Europe's passivity in the sector.


European companies should not rely solely on batteries made in Asia to develop their electric car industry, lemaire said during a visit to the 2018 Paris international auto show.European companies must become technologically independent in this area and "build our own electric car battery industry," he said.


Power battery is a key component of the development of electric vehicles. At present, leading enterprises in the global power battery industry are mainly concentrated in east Asia, including panasonic, LG, samsung SDI, byd, ningde times and so on.


At present, the electric vehicle industry in Europe is developing rapidly, especially in the Nordic countries like Norway and Germany, while the transformation of electric vehicle industry in France is relatively backward.Mr Lemaire called on France and Germany to work together to tackle global competition.