France's First Floating Wind Power Unit Began To Ship

- Dec 25, 2017-

France recently launched the country's first floating wind turbine, "Floatgen".

The $29.5 million project, located near the west coast of France, is France's first foray into offshore wind power, with many European companies and research institutions actively involved.Floatgen's manufacturer representative said the wind turbine could provide electricity to 5,000 homes.


Deol is one of the companies involved in manufacturing Floatgen, head of the company sales, also to coordinate the project of the company's marketing manager, Bruno Geschier revealed that they have to tap offshore wind power market, the goal is to build a 50 can provide electricity for more users of offshore wind turbines.

The floating wind turbines, also known as deep-sea wind turbines, are usually installed on a floating platform and anchored by anchoring, which helps to generate electricity from stronger and more sustained winds in the deep sea.The world's first floating wind turbine was born in Norway. It is installed on a floating platform of more than 100 meters and is fixed by three cables.Today, France is one of the few countries to test the use of floating wind power.

Wind power now accounts for about 4 per cent of France's electricity.Wind Europe, a brussels-based industrial group, forecasts that France will be Europe's second largest Wind power by 2030, after Germany.