Fuel Cell Vehicles Welcome The Layout Boom

- Jul 25, 2019-

Fuel cell concept stocks rose in A straight line on the last trading day of last week, with several stocks trading by the 10 per cent daily limit, tianxia finance, the economic voice of China central television, reported. Prior to this, the fuel cell industry has received many policy benefits, and industry investment is also increasingly active. Fuel cell vehicles are still very few in the market. Will they catch up with or even replace pure electric vehicles and become the leading technology route of new energy vehicles?


Several ministries are mulling new fuel cell subsidies.

Last week's last trading day, fuel cell concept stocks pulled up significantly, yeti shares, nebula shares, jinhong holdings and other stocks trading limit. The popularity of the fuel cell concept may have something to do with policy. According to media reports, the ministry of industry and information technology is working with other ministries to study new subsidies for fuel cells. This means that fuel cell vehicles may still enjoy indirect subsidies after the new energy vehicle subsidies decline or even withdraw. Cui dongshu, secretary-general of the marketing research branch of China automobile distribution association, thinks this may change the market pattern of new energy vehicles in China. "With the elimination of subsidies for new energy vehicles, the future development of fuel-cell vehicles faces great challenges. In this case, the state has taken some measures to complement the weak links, so that our technical lines in all aspects of the balanced development.


Automobile enterprises actively layout fuel cell vehicles.

The layout around fuel-cell vehicles has also accelerated significantly recently. Upstream, yeti shares revealed, has for many vehicle manufacturers supporting hydrogen fuel cell engines and air compressors. In terms of automobile companies, saic chase has launched relevant fuel cell vehicle demonstration operation projects, and zotye automobile and audi are also actively promoting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cells are beginning to attract attention.

Considering the safety of hydrogen injection and storage, methanol reforming hydrogen fuel cell has attracted more and more attention. It makes hydrogen from methanol and is available on demand, eliminating the need for refueling and storing hydrogen. He guangyuan, expert group leader of the methanol vehicle pilot work of the ministry of industry and information technology, believes that this is also a development direction of fuel cell vehicles. "Our oil dependence

reached 70 percent last year, and 50 percent is a red line," he said."so we need new sources of energy to replace gasoline and diesel. In a country like China, which is short of oil and gas and relatively rich in coal, using inferior coal as methanol as an alternative fuel is a development direction."


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and pure electric vehicles may emerge.
The importance of fuel cell vehicles, so that the new energy vehicle technology route is no longer clear. Will fuel-cell cars overtake or even replace all-electric cars in the future? Cui said that considering the size and price, hydrogen fuel cells still need time to develop and improve. "We believe that subcompactcars, small cars, etc., should be said to be pure electric vehicles with strong economy and better practicality. But commercial vehicles, especially those for medium and long distance transportation, such as buses or trucks, fuel cell vehicles have certain advantages. So the potential for future fuel cell development in many medium and heavy vehicles is still relatively large."