Future Market And Prospect Analysis Of Lithium Anode Materials.

- Jul 16, 2019-

A. Brief Introduction

The anode material is the  main body of lithium ion battery,which makes lithium ion embedded and detached during charging and discharging. The anode is a electrode that flows out of electrons when the battery is discharging. The anode electrode material mainly affects the first efficiency and cycle performance of lithium battery and it accounts for about 5-15% of the total cost of lithium battery.

B. Market Conditions

Recently,the anode electrode material market has been running steadily.With the slow improvement of  the downstream operating rate,the situation has improved. The price of products is relatively stable. Currently,the mainstream price of domestic anode materials is 26,000-32,000 Yuan/ton for low-end products; 48,000-62,000 Yuan/ton for middle-end products and 70,000-100,000 Yuan/ton for high-end products.

C. The prospect

The rapid growth of the production of new energy vehicles has driven the rapid growth of the lithium battery market. In terms of the total global lithium battery production has been more than 25%. In 2016,the total global lithium battery shipments reached 115.4Gwh, an increase of 21.1% over the previous year. Global shipments of lithium batteries are expected to reach 265.7Gwh in 2020, 2.5 times that  of 2016.

D. Conclusion

In the next 3 years,the competition pattern of power battery enterprises in China will change greatly,and the demand of power battery for anode electrode material is much greater than 3C digital battery,and the application proportion of artificial graphite will be higher and higher. GGII think in the next 3 years,the anode material market competition will be further intensified, low-end repetitive production capacity will be eliminated,and only enterprises with core technologies and superior customer channels can achieve substantial development,and the market concentration will be improved. All in all, in the next few years,the market demand for lithium ion battery anode materials will continue to grow. From the point view of the types of anode materials,the whole anode material market will still be natural graphite and artificial graphite as the main body. With the gradual increase of the whole market's demand for high-capacity and high-power anode electrode materials and the gradual maturity of the preparation technology of new generation anod electrode materials( such as silicon-based materials),the market attention will gradually shift to the new generation materials.