Future Nuclear Power Applications Make All-green Electric Vehicles Possible

- Nov 28, 2017-

China energy storage net news: from yantai, shandong province has held 2017 peak BBS learned that the nuclear power industry chain, as the security hydrogen storage technology, such as the new breakthrough, the future of nuclear power is applied to land transportation, make whole green electric vehicles will be possible.

The industry believes that the current commercial scale application of pure electric vehicles, still need through the net electricity to the battery charging, then drive vehicles, distance to achieve the goal of building a low-carbon clean in whole life cycle of there is still a gap, and is subject to the restrictions of battery energy storage density, the range is limited.

The application of nuclear energy to land transportation can overcome these obstacles.

Chinese academy of engineering jian-chao zheng said, high temperature gas cooled reactor is high reactor safety, it is the most attractive application prospect scale hydrogen production and therefore need to develop a thermal cracking water hydrogen production of ultra high temperature gas cooled reactor, strengthen technology, materials, technology aspects of basic research.

The key technology to commercialize hydrogen - powered electric vehicles is high energy density and safe storage of hydrogen, zheng said.

Organic solvents dissolved hydrogen storage, and because of its simplicity and safety, it has been an important research direction of hydrogen storage new technology.

In recent years, this technical route has made significant progress.

Some experts believe that due to technological breakthroughs in this field, the scale of all-green electric vehicles has seen the light of day.

In the next 10 years, the industrial chain of hydrogen production, high-density and high-density hydrogen storage and efficient hydrogen conversion system will rapidly expand and promote the integration and innovation of key technologies of all-green electric vehicles.