Gac's New Energy Strategy Accelerated To Build A New Energy Industrial Park

- Oct 30, 2017-

With the "double integral" policy on the ground, the development of new energy automobile industry in China has accelerated.

The new energy industry as a strategic direction of the gac, will be there with the total investment is expected to exceed 45 billion yuan park enterprises have settled in, makes the gac at new energy automobile industrial park, show the development of new energy industry of great determination.

广汽新能源战略提速 450亿打造新能源产业园

With the dual promotion of national policy and market, gac combines the development strategy of guangzhou automobile industry and puts forward the idea of building guangqi zhilian new energy automobile industry park.

On April 27, gac zhilian new energy automobile industry park officially laid foundation, the industrial park covers an area of about 7500 mu.

The initial planning capacity of 200,000 vehicles/year is set aside for expansion to 400,000 vehicles/year and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

Industrial park will be around "smart manufacturing + innovation + ecological town" three areas, key layout of automobile manufacturing, automotive research and development, finance, automobile culture, tourism and trade and so on six big formats, forming "one axis two corridors three areas," functional partition, become a "made in China 2025" model, national innovation innovation demonstration base, ecological town at new energy vehicles, building intelligent, open, innovation, green, sharing and ecological international at new energy automotive industry innovation eco-city.

At present, the four factories of guangqi new energy company in intelligent manufacturing area have been fully commenced and are progressing smoothly.

The stamping and coating factories are about to complete the piling.

Guangzhou new energy vehicle factory park to play a leading role, with the vehicle and key parts of research and development, sales and after-sales service as the backing, actively introduce intelligent made new energy automobile industry chain upstream and downstream of outstanding enterprises, realize the coordinated development of resources complementary advantages, and building smart made new energy automobile manufacturing sharing platform, finally formed the whole industry chain open innovation ecosystem.

At present, the construction of the park is being pushed forward in a tense and orderly manner. After completion, it will open up joint venture with gac and share r&d and production sales platform.

The total output value of the industrial park is expected to exceed 170 billion yuan, with a profit tax of over 42 billion yuan, bringing the employment population to over 20,000.