EcoFlow Launched The First Lithium Electricity Generator DELTA And Initiated Crowd-funding In Global Area

- Sep 09, 2019-

On September 3rd, energy storage technology company EcoFlow held a product launch conference in Shenzhen, China, to launch the first lithium electricity generator DELTA. At the same time ,the global crowd-funding of DELTA was officially initiated ,announcing the layout of the EF Life product line was completed.

Founded in 2017,Ecoflow specializes in the development and sales of product and is committed to creating a global energy storage brand that covers both consumer and household fields. EcoFlow launched its first consumer type energy storage product named RIVER Mobile Power Station in 2017,the second generation of product River bank was launched successfully in USA in May ,2018.

According to the introduction of Dr. Wang Lei, founder of EcoFlow, DELTA which is epoch-making product will replace the traditional fuel generators. Lithium electricity generator DELTA is considered as the new energy product with the smallest volume ,the lightest weight, the highest energy capacity and the highest rate of work. The weight of DELTA is less than 13.5KG,which is much lighter than the traditional generator which weighs 20 or 30 kg. It has a ultra-high capacity which is about 1300WH and  super high rate of work which is about 1800W, while achieving pollution-free, noise-free and zero cost of maintenance. EcoFlow wants to let clean and cost-effective products go to customers.  

Dr. Wang Lei said that X-STREAM,the unique ,patent technology for rapid charging only uses one hour to charge from 1% to 80%.This data is not only the breakthrough of EcoFlow itself, but also upgrades user experience to another high level.Double suction tops are used in ventilation and heat dissipation, which can dissipate the heat of inverter and BMS in time.

The new product DELTA's application scenarios range from small to large, carpet-like coverage, from home appliances, outdoor work tools, to the endurance of new energy vehicles, allowing users to use electricity anytime, anywhere, truly "Power Anything, Anywhere, Anytime" .

In the roundtable discussion session of the press conference, Professor Liu Fude from the Institute of Advanced Studies of Shenzhen University said: “The direction of energy storage products with lithium battery as the underlying technology is accurate, in line with the current increasing environmental requirements for products worldwide, unique to EcoFlow. The deep integration of BMS system and fast charging system is relatively mature and perfect in the field of energy storage technology. It is hoped that EcoFlow R&D team can maintain the awe of battery, take root technology, build better products, and apply more widely. market."

Yan Xiaoxiao, a partner of Chunyu Capital, said: “Energy is an indispensable part of the real infrastructure for human beings to achieve real prosperity. The new energy represented by lithium batteries has been applied in large scale in various fields, gradually replacing the trend of traditional energy. Already irreversible, energy storage is an important part of it. We are optimistic about the international team of EcoFlow and have confidence in the launch of new DELTA products."

At the press conference, Wang Lei announced that DELTA's global crowdfunding was officially launched at Kickstarter at 10:00 on September 4th, US time. "There are many users on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram who hope to meet with DELTA as soon as possible. Global crowdfunding is online. Let DELTA begin to enter the life of every user.” Wang Lei also revealed that EcoFlow's product line EF Home and EF Work are being developed and researched, and the new energy battery has only brought about a disruption to the generator industry.