German Wind Pumped Storage Project Hub Height Will Reach 178 M

- Nov 15, 2017-

Max Bogl, Germany, recently claimed to have the world's tallest wind turbine unit and used it in a facility near Stuttgart.


This Gaildorf comprehensive power station using pumped storage technology, have a GE 3.4 MW - 137 wind turbines, installed in a 40 meters water power station, hub height of 178 meters, set a total height of 246.5 meters.

The Limpurg Hills project site has four GE 3.4MW-137 wind turbines with a hub height of 155 meters.

GE renewable energy onshore wind company German general manager Andreas von Bobart said: "our 3 MW platform is very flexible, optimized for high power environment, we are very glad to GE 3.4 MW - 137 customized solutions offers help to achieve this record."

When the power is abundant, the power station will pump water into the reservoir at the bottom of the wind turbine and release it when electricity needs to be released, providing energy for the 16MW hydropower plant at 200 meters below the mountain.

The wind farm is expected to start commercial operations in the first half of 2018.