Germany Builds High-altitude Charging Facilities For Hybrid Trucks

- Aug 17, 2017-

China's energy storage network: according to a report by the us media on August 14, Germany has installed overhead charging lines on the highways of hybrid trucks and tested them.The government of the German state of Hesse has commissioned Siemens to build a 10km charging line on the A5 federal highway near Frankfurt airport.The plan was named eHighway, which is run by Siemens, which is run by the state and the federal government.Like many urban light-rail systems, Siemens' eHighway technology relies on direct connections between vehicles and high-altitude cables.These hybrid trucks must be equipped with intelligent "electric bow" systems connected to electrical cables that provide power to the hybrid power system.In the absence of overhead wires, the truck's power system automatically switches to the hybrid engine.Hesse traffic department responsible for personality rhett Craig huth (Gerd Riegelhuth) - when it comes to eHighway plan said: "eHighway plan related to the system will show the comprehensive construction of overhead contact system with good mutual compatibility between public highways.The above system will be applied to the actual traffic network and will prove its practicability in the goods logistics of Frankfurt metropolitan area.It is not clear if the government will extend the route if the pilot project goes ahead as planned.