Global Lithium Production Could Triple In Four Years

- Sep 05, 2018-

According to Energy research and consulting firm GlobalData Energy on August 8, lithium production capacity will triple in the next four years to 86, 000 tons of new capacity as lithium ion battery demand grows rapidly.

According to GlobalData Energy, lithium supply rose steadily at an annual rate of about 6.4 percent between 2010 and 2017, and global lithium production is expected to reach 154,000 tons (metal content) in 2018-2022, about three times the current capacity.

In addition, GlobalData Energy also pointed out that the country with the highest production of lithium at present is Australia with an annual output of 18,300 tons, followed by Chile and Argentina with an annual output of 14,100 tons and 0.55 million tons respectively.The Chilean mining company SQM is the market leader in lithium, accounting for 25 percent of the global total, followed by Australian Talison with 24 percent of the market, and American chemical companies Albemarle and FMC with 17 percent and 9 percent, respectively.

The forecast shows that over the next four years, with mines in pilaguula, vojina, boulder and Holland hills, Australia will account for the lion's share of new global production capacity at 37%, with Argentina at 29%, Canada at 16%, Chile at 9%, the us at 6% and Mexico at 4%.