Government Incentives Are Not Enough To Make Brazilian Electric Cars Expensive

- Sep 05, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the South American network reported that the Brazilian electric vehicle association (ABVE) and Brazil's national automotive industry manufacturers association (Anfavea) recently pointed out that in 2016, the year 2 million within the framework of the licensing the road of a new car, the number of electric vehicles is only 3818, 0.18% of the total.

Brazil's "Inovacaotecnologica" website reported on August 28 that Brazil still has no way to produce electric vehicles so far.More than 80 per cent of the electric vehicles on Brazil's roads now use hybrid power.In Brazil six imported electric cars, only one is a hybrid, and the electric cars from Germany, costs 170000 reais, the equivalent of a limousine prices.

"Domestic public policy is vital for the r&d and production of domestic electric cars, electric cars are the dominant gasoline vehicles for Brazilian market competition, if without the support of government policy, is unlikely to succeed.""It's a very good idea," said vlavia kunthoni, a professor of science and technology at the university of caninas in Brazil.

Although Brazil has also introduced a range of incentives, such as lowering the import tax rate on electric cars, it is not enough, says ms vlavia kunsoni.

"In other countries, the government will set up special interest rates on electric vehicles, exempting electric cars from parking fees and tolls, and allowing electric vehicles to pass through the bus lanes.However, the Brazilian government has no clear public policy to stimulate the electric car market, and there is little use to promote the development, production and sales of electric vehicles.She said.