Graphene Battery Technology Accelerates The Development Of New Energy Vehicles

- Aug 24, 2017-

New energy vehicles is the trend of the development of automobile industry, but the car power battery technology is still short, short range and long charging time, hindering the electric car a lot into the ordinary people.Today, more and more research institutes and automobile companies are involved in research and development of automotive power batteries to solve many problems in power batteries.

In order to solve the problems of battery storage, battery life and quick charge, new materials need to be added.As the "king of new materials", graphene has been found to be the thinnest, lightest and strongest new nanomaterial in the world.It specific excellent electrochemical energy storage characteristics, super fast charge and discharge, charging circuit, etc., is expected to bring the car power battery disruptive change, so the graphene battery research also got the favour of many enterprises and national attention.

In June this year, zhuhai (carbon composite material co., LTD., and Harbin institute of technology cooperation established graphene battery technology laboratory, it is in order to better solve the problems in the field of battery, to better implement the scientific research project application products and commercial development, is also a response to national policy, universities and scientific research innovation cooperation and achieve win-win situation of colleges and universities and enterprises.

Gather the relevant person in charge of carbon composites, said the current carbon and Harbin institute of technology research and development of graphene polymeric material of battery energy storage is three times of the traditional battery products, supply power with the batteries of electric cars to drive more than 1000 kilometers, the charging time is greatly reduced, charge number can reach more than 3000 times, the weight of the battery is less than half of traditional rechargeable batteries.Although these data are still at the experimental stage, but there is no doubt that graphene will be the new energy automobile accumulator bottleneck breakthrough, creating a longer range, further development and popularization of the key.

China's new energy vehicle market has already jumped to the top of the global market. Although the growth rate of new energy policy adjustment has slowed this year, the development of new energy vehicles is an inevitable trend.Given the bright future of the new energy industry, local governments and businesses are seizing new opportunities.