Graphene Material Technology Will Lead The New Revolution In Battery Storage

- Sep 02, 2017-

China energy storage net news: graphene is known as "the king of new materials, with fast electron mobility, high strength, good electrical conductivity/thermal conductivity, high light transmittance, quality excellent properties, such as in new energy, petrochemical industry, electronic information, composite materials, biological medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection industries are expected to cause change.As a result, graphene has become a strategic new material to lead a new generation of industrial technological revolution.

Industry experts believe that the application of graphene in the field of electrochemical energy storage is the most likely to achieve the planned production of production, especially in the field of supercapacitors and batteries.In recent years, with the development of graphene battery technology, graphene technology gradually to the downstream industry chain, in the industrialization of application on the eve of the propulsion is well worth looking forward to the future energy storage technology.

In June this year, zhuhai (carbon composite material co., LTD. Established graphene battery technology laboratory, Harbin institute of technology cooperation and to better carry out the scientific research project application products and commercial development, university and scientific research innovation cooperation and achieve win-win situation of colleges and universities and enterprises.

Gather the relevant person in charge of carbon composites, said the current carbon and Harbin institute of technology research and development of graphene polymeric material of battery energy storage is three times of the traditional battery products, supply power with the batteries of electric cars to drive more than 1000 kilometers, the charging time is greatly reduced, charge number can reach more than 3000 times, the weight of the battery is less than half of traditional rechargeable batteries.

Although these data are still in the experimental stage, there is no doubt that graphene will be the breakthrough point for the bottleneck of battery energy storage.However, the quality and cost of graphene materials seriously restrict its application in the field of battery energy storage.

In the future, graphene in battery energy storage industry, the application of an urgent need to get actively involved in the government from the macroscopic level, through policy guidance and financial support, effective integration of technique and the elements of the innovation in industrial chain and resources, safeguard of graphene energy storage materials research and development, production and application work faster and better development.