Graphene Modified High Energy Density Lithium Ion Supercapacitor Mass Production

- Nov 29, 2017-

Ningbo ink west China energy storage net news: the annual output of 500 tons of micro graphene sheet production line put into production operation, ningbo car new energy technology co., LTD. And the Chinese academy of sciences in ningbo material graphene modified joint research and development by high energy density lithium ion supercapacitor, has passed the ningbo economic and information commission organization of new product identification.

Experts believe that using graphene modified anode composite materials and graphene modified composite conductive agent, the development of high energy density lithium ion supercapacitor, solves the security lithium-ion capacitor structure stability, the key to improve the density of electrode technology, research and development products single capacity of 17 kf, energy density reached more than 20 wh/kg, power density is close to 8 kw/kg, technology reached the international leading level.

This kind of product is used by the user and reflects well, the main technical performance meets the requirement of use, and has the ability to put the market in bulk.