Greece Plans To Attract 3 Billion Euros In Wind And Solar Energy Investments

- May 10, 2018-


To achieve to the renewable energy power generation in 2020 accounted for 18% of the target, Greece has been done in accordance with the standards of new energy power generation projects a feed-in tariff revision of the bidding rules, each year from 2018 to 2018 the bidding 300 mw of wind power and solar power generation project investment, since 2019, according to the project development situation again bid twice, a total of 800 mw wind power and solar power projects, a total bidding scale of 2600 mw, total investment is expected to be 25 to 3 billion euros.

Among them, the first batch of 300 mw wind power and solar power generation project will start the bidding on July 2, a single scale for 3-50 mw wind power project, solar power generation project is divided into 1 mw and 1 to 20 mw, under the European investment bank and the European bank for reconstruction and development may provide financing for related projects.