Greece's First Onshore Wind Auctions Totaled 308MW In 14 Projects

- Jul 30, 2018-

The Greek energy regulatory agency (RAE) has won seven projects totalling 171MW at the country's first onshore wind auction.Bids range from 68 to 72 euros per megawatt hour, with a weighted average price of 69.53 euros per megawatt hour.The auction included 14 wind power projects with a total size of 308MW.Four of the seven projects are in northern Greece, two in the central part of the country and one on the island of andros.Greece announced in May 2018 that it plans to auction 2.6GW of renewable energy projects by 2020.

Pierre Tardieu, chief policy officer at WindEurope, said: "the successful auction of Greek wind projects shows that the wind industry is regaining confidence in the Greek market and that the cost of wind power is expected to be lower in the short term.These projects will bring more investment money and jobs to Greece.Wind should play an important role in decarbonizing Greece's energy system.

"To further reduce the risks and costs of project development, we need to have a clear plan for renewable energy projects, especially after 2020.We call on the Greek government to include plans for onshore and offshore wind power projects in its national energy and climate plans.