Greece Will Start Bidding For 300MW Of Photovoltaic Projects In July

- May 08, 2018-

On July 2, Greece's energy regulatory agency (RAE) will bid for 300MW pv projects and 300MW wind energy projects, and the bidding will be divided into three categories: 500KW ~ 1MW photovoltaic projects;1MW ~ 20MW pv project and 3MW ~ 50MW wind energy project.The second category, the 1MW ~ 20MW pv project, was proposed earlier this year by the energy regulator to set the maximum size of the photovoltaic project at 10MW. However, the cap has now been extended to 20MW.


Greece's energy regulator, said in July 2018, the first bidding categories photovoltaic project size for 70 mw, the second category will be assigned 230 mw photovoltaic project subject to tender, the size will not exceed 300 mw wind power project.Investors need to submit their tender documents by June 5.For photovoltaic projects under 500KW, the eu allows member states to decide how to raise funds themselves, while Greece USES a special preferential net measure.