Guangdong Zhuhai Grand Mountain Island Micro-grid Project Put Into Operation To Send Power

- Dec 04, 2017-

Energy storage network - China: on November 23, the reporter understands from guangdong southern power grid company, guangdong zhuhai big wanshan island micro grid power, when the project is formally put into production is expected to the end of November, as long as customers have electricity power conditions, can be used.

The island is located in the experimental area of haishan sea development zone of zhuhai. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, with an area of about 8.1 square kilometers and abundant fishing and tourism resources.

For a long time, the grid connected the island with the mainland, the island rely on diesel generator for a long time, there has been high electricity prices, power co., LTD., the problem such as power supply is not stable, affect people on the island life and economic development.

The reporter learned that the great mountain island micro-grid project started in February this year, and built a new double-loop cable line, adding 5 power distribution transformers to 3150 kva.

After the project period, clean and stable electricity can be used by customers on the island.