Harvard Scientists Have Developed A Spider Robot That Can Enter The Body To Repair Tissue

- Aug 20, 2018-

Researchers at Harvard University have used a new manufacturing technology to create a highly mobile, micro-mollusc robot, foreign media reported.

The spider robot, which has no rigid parts, derives its movement, appearance and ability from microfluidic systems.Inside its body is a thin midair tube system, which pumps special liquids through the system to drive its limbs, change its color or set more permanent features.Compared with other similar products, this spider robot is smaller and more flexible.

In addition to elastic silicone, the robot itself is made of inelastic silica gel and consists of 12 thin layers, which are etched by laser and then glued together to provide a 3D structure for the robot.To achieve its final shape, some of these microfluidic channels are pressurized by curable resins.When irradiated with UV light from the outside, the resin hardens and permanently bends the softer layer into the desired shape.

'we believe that software robots have great potential to reduce risk and perform minimally invasive surgery tasks,' said Tommaso Ranzani, an assistant professor and one of the creators.Perhaps one day, these software robots will be able to perform delicate medical tasks inside the body, or search and rescue missions in hard-to-reach areas.

Researchers at harvard are still testing and perfecting the robot, and with the development of the technology, it is believed that the real robot will arrive soon.