Harvard University Has Developed A New Cockroach Bionic Robot

- Jul 18, 2018-

Researchers at Harvard University in the United States have developed a new cockroach bionic robot based on cockroaches' underwater survival and mobility abilities.The robot can walk on land, swim on water and, if necessary, walk underwater.

At present, the cockroach robot is still in the stage of laboratory, its weight is only 1.65 g, limbs respectively set up a multi-functional MATS, using the multi-function MATS, it can rely on the liquid surface tension on the surface of the water to swim, can even break through the surface of the water, by applying voltage to diving.At the same time, the robot can carry a payload of 1.44g floating on the water, oscillating rapidly on the water at a frequency of up to 10hz, and catching up with paper boats that are placed on the water in advance.In addition, the whole body of the robot is covered with special waterproof coating, which can avoid circuit short circuit under water.